What are Tinley’s Cannabis-Infused Tonics & Mixers?
Our Tonics & Exilirs are non-alcoholic, micro-dosed cannabis-infused beverages that deliver a fast-acting, euphoric high. 
How are they made?
We start with purified water, add blended botanicals, spices, natural flavors, and premium California cannabis extract.
Where can I find them?
You can buy our products from your local dispensary.


What can I expect if I drink one? How will I feel?
Our nano-tech sciences enable rapid absorption of THC and terpenes, so you’ll feel an uplifting, broad-spectrum effect in as little as a few minutes.
How many should I drink?
Each serving is designed to create a light effect, comparable in intensity to a single cocktail. Because most of the effect can typically be felt within 20 minutes, it’s possible to pace your consumption based on how strong the effect feels. Each 12 fl oz bottle contains one serving and each 1.5 fl oz in our 375mL bottles contains one serving.


Can you deliver to my door?
Delivery option coming soon.