Cannabis-Infused Classic Tonics & Mixers

A Deliciously Elevated Experience

Tinley’s™ non-alcoholic, craft tonics and mixers are infused with premium distilled botanicals and cannabis grown in California’s Emerald Triangle. Combined with terpenes found in Pineapple Jack Sativa, our micro-dosed beverages deliver a whole-flower experience that raises your spirits without raising your blood alcohol levels.


Tinley’s™ Tonics are sparkling, single-serve, non-alcoholic versions of America’s favorite mixed drinks, infused with Emerald Triangle-grown cannabis. Crafted with distilled botanicals, natural extracts, flavors and spices. Only 30 calories or less and 5g sugar per bottle.  Each Tinley’s™ Tonic contains a single micro-dose of THC with a fast-onset and uplifting full flower experience. Perfect for BBQ’s, beaches and campouts.

Each Bottle = One Micro-Dose Serving

- Naturally Flavored -


2727 BC marks the world’s first recorded use of medical cannabis. Now over 4,000 years later, Tinley’s™ ’27 Mixers are a collection of non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused mixers crafted for the contemporary cannabis connoisseur. Unquestionably the most elevated non-alcoholic alternative to your favorite mixed adult beverage, Tinley’s™ ’27 Mixers are infused with premium Emerald Triangle-grown cannabis, with a fast onset and full-flower experience. Enjoy straight up, on the rocks or in your favorite blended creation.

Each 375mL Bottle = 8 Micro-Dose Servings

- Naturally Flavored -



Based in Long Beach, California, we founded The Tinley Beverage Company with a mission to help consumers enjoy cannabis in recipes inspired by legendary adult beverages. Tinley’s™ believes the time has come for a new, healthy and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of smoke-free cannabis. We are committed to crafting our products with premium distilled botanicals combined with Emerald Triangle-grown cannabis.

We hope your experience with Tinley’s™ products is uplifting and memorable. Cheers!


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