Hemplify® and Tinley Tonics are a collection of hemp extract products.  They are available in retail locations in California and online nationwide.  No medical recommendation or dispensary membership is required. Each product contains hemp extract that is micellized to enhance bioavailability, compared with standalone oils.  With naturally-occurring whole-plant constituents including Limonene, ß-Myrcene & Terpinolene terpenes.  Made in the USA with hemp grown in high quality European farms.  All products are sugar-free and each are enriched with various ingredients including MCT oil, vitamins, electrolyte potassium, raw cacao, whey protein and omega 3.

TINLEY CPIRITS:  Classics Reborn

The first recorded use of cannabis took place in 2727 BC. Over 4,500 years later, The Tinley Beverage Company has created CPIRITS, a collection of THC-infused, alcohol-free libations, inspired by legendary distilled spirits, liqueurs and cocktails. 
CPIRITS are crafted for the contemporary cannabis connoisseur, and provide an uplifting sativa effect. 



The Tinley Beverage Company is publicly-traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange (TNY:CSE) and on the OTC Exchange (TNYBF:OTC).

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