About Us

The Tinley Collective was founded with a mission to enable patients to medicate in a socially-acceptable, en Liquid medibles don’t hurt your lungs or gums and can be enjoyed over dinner, with friends …without exposing others to… Packaged in styles that are common for products that can only be consumed by adults and have psychoactive effect to reduce exposure to children or those not wishing to become medicated.

How to Join

California residents and certain non-residents are eligible to join our medical cannabis collective. Members must hold a valid California medical cannabis recommendation. Recommendations are available from any physician and… (not sure if we're allowed to recommend any or have links to any).

Membership is free, however contributions are required to cover the costs of any products you consume. Memberships are valid for as long as you hold a valid medical recommendation.

Delivery is available to any member…

If you're a member of another collective, you may be eligible to purchase our products. For more information, please contact us here.

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